About us

About passions and things done by Ivanov Dan

The desire to create beautiful and special things was officially born almost 12 years ago, when I decided to join my first hairdressing course. From that moment on, for 8 years, a whole process of improvement was followed. In order to get a haircut, first of all correct and then perfect for each client, I needed to develop my aesthetic sense.

It took a lot of practice, it is the one that forms an elastic joint, precision, without which you can not achieve details, which will always make a difference.

It is ambition that has always pushed me from the back and not to get more, but to offer more.

They passed and got 8 years, after which, accumulating, I said at that time, enough experience, I decided that the work done and the results obtained every day deserve public exposure. That’s how the www.academiadefrizerie.ro site was created, dedicated entirely to men and created to highlight how important a man’s image is.

Hair is one of our visiting cards, so to help keep her beauty and stucco, we need to give her proper attention. If a man’s hair is carefully trimmed, if dry and carefully molded it means that the man attaches much importance to his image and physical appearance.

About us

My wish did not stop at the stage of exposing the importance of hair care to the virtual environment. The passion that I put in this art has led me to translate my experience and in practice, creating the barber school „Academia de Frizerie”. This is how the young, ambitious, talented and enthusiastic team has been formed to provide the most perfect haircut for men. Since the beginning of the project we wanted to offer everything we can to our clients. The fact that businessmen, lawyers, politicians, people in the media area, successful Romanian artists have appreciated us and have crossed the threshold of the barber shop is a visiting card that emanates confidence and natural distinction.

My wish did not stop at the stage of exposing the importance of hair care to the virtual environment. The passion that I put in this art created me a community and the men put us in their life as a tabiet, as a program that they respect regularly. We have come to know our clients very well, and more so, a friendship has developed, helping us to build a look appropriate to the style and personality of each client. At this moment the image of our clients has become our image, which we want to refresh and improve with every visit to our barber shop. In this way, we want to show all men that the hair or the image they display is very important in everyday life. It is the first visual impact we have with others, the hair revealing our identity. Constant care, refresh your look, or why not, try and adopt modern haircuts is just to your advantage, not about effeminate, but about care.

Thank you for your attention,

Ivanov Dan