Smile – Quotes – Statuses

Smile - Quotes – Statuses

” Smile is clearly one of the best remedies for infusion. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, everything is beautiful. „a good approach to life, everything is beautiful. ”   Rashida Jones

 I think everyone who smiles looks better automatically.”   Diane Lane

 „Smile is a free way to change your appearance.”   Charles Gordy

„The smile is physiologically a facial expression. It is formed by the flexion of 17 muscles at the extremities of the mouth and near the eyes. The smile not only changes the expression of the face but also stimulates the brain to produce endorphin. Significantly reducing physical and emotional pain and giving a feeling of good mood. „(Wikipedia)

Often, unfortunately, daily thoughts and worries make us forget to smile. There are, however, people, facts, memories or moments that make us smile daily.

But there are places where all this is gathered, where smile is a free therapy.

To remind you more often, we have prepared for you in the barber shop just beautiful moments. Good music, beauty services, modern men’s haircuts, classic men’s haircuts and bearded arrangement are offered by the best hairdressers. Which will give you all the attention and will bounced you.

The bohemian atmosphere, we consider it perfectly adapted to today.

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